I want to share with you the story of Rossana, she was 48 years old and had cancer. When the doctors did surgery on her they saw that the cancer, which was originally in her ovary had spread to the large and small intestines and it was so extensive that they just sewed her back up and gave her a week to live.

One of Rosanna’s friends had heard me on the radio talking about cancer and so they encouraged her to contact me. A friend and I went to her home visited with her and started her on my special program at home, as it was another week before I was starting another special 26 day clinic. She was very sick, in lots of pain and very weak.

She made it through the week at home and attended my special 26-day clinic. At the end of the 26-day clinic she was still alive, was up walking, in very little pain and had a lot of energy and was even walking over a mile each day. Her doctor came to see her twice while she was at the clinic and he could not believe how well she was recovering without the use of any drugs