I have had many persons over the years who have had cancer and have come to my clinic and were told they had just a short time to live. Many had gone through the regular cancer treatments of radiation, chemo and surgery, but they were not healed.

I put them on this special program at my clinic using many simple natural things that you are about to read about on this website. If you or a loved one has cancer I strongly advise you to faithfully follow what I have outlined here and you will see improvement in less then two weeks. If your cancer is in an advanced stage you also will see improvement.

Why am I doing a website? Because I want to help those who are sick. I believe that since God created us, he knows what is best for us to use when we are sick. God’s medicine is the herb of the field and not chemical drugs.

It is so sad for me to see thousands of people with cancer going through conventional treatments that do not work. I want to get these simple treatments out to the world, so I have decided to try it through the internet.

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